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what has been done isn't enough

by Edgar,

This only appeared , after the George Floyd incident. when everyone took a stand for black/all lives matter . before then the small mandatory steps the schools had taken over bullying was a joke , i remember when the Syrian refugees came to the middle school , and yes the teachers supplied special learning for the non English speaking child , but soon after the child was stabbed by other students for being different , which I believe was hidden from the new paper . when someone who is already at a disadvantage , cant even feel safe in his new school let alone new country from the one he left to avoid a violent life style is single handedly chose as a victim in a new place when he has come to escape the tragedies us Canadian couldn't even imagine as well as the bullying I've heard at our public parks due to younger children banning together and using racial slurs to other minorities ( sometimes within earshot of their parents ) and after calling explain why it was not right to use such words or physical action , against each other ( every minority ), one conversation was with a black child , well in tears from the verbal taunts she politely explained she as from RELIGIOUS family and aggressive words (swearing/ taking the lords name in vain were unacceptable . so her only line of defense against this larger group of children , wasn't even available , showing no matter what the race or skin color there are still people raised under proper morals and they follow them even without adult supervision , i truly give credit to the family of the children who know right from wrong and aren't willing to go beneath their moral code in any situation , more children and parents like this in this world will truly make it a better place and change this world for the better , and not raise their children to run around like animals ( it all starts from home no matter , race, color. or creed ) I've seen both the positive and negatives and race is nothing to blame , if we looked past the stereotypes and saw the person it could be a better place for us all . -Rory

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